Mars - Astrology and Astrological View

About Mars's role in astrology and different astrological views on Mars.


Astrological View: The red planet was perceived by early astrologers as masculine, hot, and dry. It is the cause of strife, dissension, quarrels, war, and battles. The person born under Mars is short but strong, with ruddy complexion and red or sandy hair, and a round, bold face and fearless aspect. If "well dignified," the person will be courageous, invincible, resolute, and insubmissive, but if "ill dignified," he or she will be without decency or honesty and prone to violence, oppression, and every kind of fraud. Mars rules the sign of Aries and, prior to the discovery of Pluto, also ruled Scorpio.

Mars causes all fevers, plagues, and injuries inflicted by iron, steel, or fire, as well as death by poison and all evil effects from violent anger. It governs all hot plants and herbs, such as the radish, and all thorny plants. It rules the tiger, wolf, mastiff, and all savage beasts, as well as the hawk, kite, raven, vulture, and other birds of prey. It affects ruby, garnet, bloodstone, and jasper among gems, and its color, of course, is red.

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