Modern Scientist Predictions A.S. Parkes

About the predictions both right and wrong of modern scientist A.S. Parkes including ones about reproduction and fertilization.

Predictor: A. S. PARKES

A Marshall professor, A. S. Parkes taught the physiology of reproduction at Cambridge University, and since 1968 he has been the executive editor of the Journal of Biosocial Science.

Past Predictions: Wrong--Parkes stated that the successful storage of human organs for use later as transplants would be achieved by 1971.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

* A fertilized egg will be transferred from the uterus of one woman to that of another, who will give birth to a living baby.

* We will be able to separate male and female sperm, perhaps by utilizing differences in shape and weight.

* Biologically, women will be more important than men. (Parkes has said, "Women are beginning to have the scarcity value previously held by men. Biologically...there are something like a million tons of unnecessary male biomass in this country [England] alone.")

* Successful suspended animation of humans (freezing for later revival) probably won't happen, though it is not impossible.

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