Modern Scientist Predictions Herman Kahn Future

About the predictions both right and wrong of modern scientist Herman Kahn including ones about Big Brother, war, and space.


Predictor: HERMAN KAHN

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

* Transportation. Kahn foresees VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicles, super-helicopters, individual flying platforms (magic carpets, at last?), and new sources of power for ground transportation, perhaps radioactive or thermoelectric or magnetohydrodynamic.

* Oceans. We may see undersea installations, practical ways of desalinizing seawater, and ocean mining and farming.

* Agriculture and Food. Tropical agriculture and forestry will increase. More synthetic foods and drinks will be developed. And people will be able to overindulge without adverse consequences.

* Materials. We will see new and improved fabrics, structural materials, and materials for appliances and equipment; for example, new plastics, alloys, and ceramics.

* Energy. Kahn believes that we will develop new energy sources like solar and geothermal energy before fossil fuels are exhausted. He also sees the development of a practical method for extracting oil from shale, greater use of lasers and masers, and nuclear explosives used for mining and generation of power.

* Human Biology. Great changes will be possible: few hereditary and congenital defects, new ways to keep fit, effective methods of weight control, programmed dreams, substitutes for human organs that have gone on the blink, human hibernation for medical purposes, electronic communication with the brain, better birth control, ability to choose the sex of the unborn, postponed aging, rejuvenation, longer life spans, and methods of changing features of the body such as skin color.

* Communication. Technology will bring us: 3-D photography, pictures, and television; video communication via telephone, and television which will deliver news and library materials as we request them; computers for translation, traffic control, and intellectual collaboration among researchers; and two-way pocket telephones.

* Big Brother. The vigilant eye of the police and military will have expanded vision through new methods of surveillance, new biological and chemical means of keeping track of people.

* War. By 1980 we will see space defense systems in operation and lethal biological and chemical warfare possible.

* Space. Kahn predicts artificial moons, permanently manned lunar installations, and interplanetary travel.

* Robots. We will use robots as slaves.

* Urbanization. Most of the population in the U.S. will live in three megalopolises: Boswah, stretching from Boston to Washington, with one fourth of the population and a cosmopolitan atmosphere; Chipitts, in the Great Lakes area, with one eighth of the population and a Bible Belt mentality; and Sansan, from Santa Barbara down to San Diego, a left-leaning, "hip" city with plenty of barbecue pits. England will be one giant city.

* Economics. If we can control inflation, we will move into a period of great economic growth.

* Italy, Portugal, and Spain will have higher per capita incomes than England.

* Northwest Europe, Japan, and North America either will have solved or will have come close to solving the problems of polluted air and water.

* Technological crises will cause a lack of privacy.

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