Modern Scientist Predictions Thomas F. Malone

About the predictions both right and wrong of modern scientist Thomas F. Malone including ones about weather, lightning and clouds.


A noted meteorologist, Dr. Malone is extremely aware of the possible long-term, irreversible consequences of decisions made concerning our mastery of nature. "The biological outcome of weather modification is apt to be a 'mixed bag' of good and bad effects on man's artificial ecosystems," he has said. Once a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and director of research for the Travelers Insurance Company, he is now director of the Holcomb Research Institute at Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 1980

* We will be able to increase or decrease rainfall where it is falling.

For the late 1980s--We will have new ways of suppressing lightning.

By 2000--Hurricane-control methods, probably emanating from computer simulation, will be effectively in operation.

No Dates Given--Sooner than we realize, rocket exhausts in the upper atmosphere will cause us problems.

* We will perfect cloud-seeding techniques.

* Improved techniques of dissipating super-cooled fog over airfields will be developed, and there will be a breakthrough in clearing "warm" fog (that in which drops are above freezing).

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