Modern Scientist Predictions Vladimir Kotelnikov

About the predictions both right and wrong of modern scientist Vladimir Kotelnikov about radio, television, and computers.


A member of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences and the country's foremost authority on radio technology, Kotelnikov has received many honors, including the Lenin Prize in 1964. He made the following predictions in 1959 in an interview which appeared in Life in the 21st Century. Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 2000-2099

* With the discovery of ultrashort radio waves, tiny transmitters and receivers will become possible. They will enable an unlimited number of television channels and radiotelephonic networks to operate without interfering with the overcrowded radio waves of today.

* Miniature television sets the size of cigarette holders will be used as everyday video-phones. The images they transmit will be able to be transferred to a wall-size screen for greater detail.

* Electronic calculating machines will print out verbal dictation, making all necessary grammatical corrections in the process, and will translate conversations into any language desired.

* A high-frequency radio beam will power airplanes from the ground. Eventually, this same kind of beam will be used to evaporate meteorites in the path of space traffic.

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