Neptune - Scientific Theories and Mysteries

About Neptune, scientific theories for the unexplained mysteries of Uranus including possible rings.


Theories and Mysteries: Neptune doesn't fit Bode's Law of planetary distances. It should be where Pluto is. Its orbit deviates, too, more than tiny Pluto can account for. Something is pushing Neptune around.

During the first years after its discovery, several well-known astronomers noted a ring around Neptune similar to that around Saturn. Although the ring hasn't been seen since, it is possible that Neptune may develop one in the future. If Triton continues to move toward Jupiter as it appears to be doing, it may disintegrate and provide Neptune with its own ring system. In his final work in 1848, Edgar Allan Poe referred to two satellites of Neptune, but Nereid wasn't discovered until 1949. Some evidence points to Pluto's originally being a satellite of Neptune, before it was pushed out by Triton.

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