New Word and Definition for Work Fullering

About a new word fullering used to describe work that is done joyfull instead of painfully.


From: JIM HAYNES (Paris, France)

I have coined a new verb and a noun (in honor of Buckminster Fuller): "to fuller" and a "fullerer." As opposed to the verb "to work"-which means to spend energy painfully-"to fuller" means to spend energy joyfully. It describes one's attitude to any endeavor. Do you enjoy what you do? Is the payment the doing of it, or are you doing it to get money? This is the key difference between working and fullering. Are you a worker or a fullerer?

"Workers of the world unite," but everyone spends energy, so in one sense everyone is a worker. I feel that our political goal is not to unite workers but rather to eliminate work as such. Maybe there are some jobs that cannot be done by fullerers. In that case, let us share work. But there is no need to create work. I wish to replace the "work ethic" with the 1960s slogan "Do your own thing!" Machines can either enslave us or free us, depending upon us.

Marxists and so-called capitalists agree that "capital" is money. But they both overlook the fact that pure energy and creative intelligence are also capital. With energy and intelligence alone, one can build, create, forge, do, act. Many projects can be completed by fullering (i.e., by combining energy and intelligence). Communism seems to kill initiative and discourage exploration. Surely some kind of nondogmatic mixed economy (i.e., the best of both worlds) is what we need. There must be very little real difference between the so-called "worker" in or under a capitalist economy and one in or under a communist economy; both are obsessed with the "work ethic." But in a world where everyone fullered, everyone would be happy.

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