New York Gangs Murder Trust and Michael Malloy Part 4

About the New York gang in the 1930s known as Murder Trust and Michael Malloy, survivor of over 30 murder attempts.


The five members of the Murder Trust were gleeful as they waited for word of Malloy's death, either from ptomaine poisoning or stomach hemorrhage. The following morning brought no word. The following afternoon brought Malloy in person, ready for a drink and another one of those appetizing sandwiches.

For the gang, this was too much. A small fortune was within their grasp, yet they could not claim it without a victim, and their victim defied them. They began to regard Michael Malloy as a phenomenon of nature. His stomach obviously was cast iron. Nothing taken into his digestive tract or bloodstream would harm him. If he were to be successfully obliterated, another and different means must be found. The Trust members considered a variety of possibilities and settled on a surefire one they had employed before.

They acted on the coldest night of the winter. Outside there was a snowstorm and icy wind, and the temperature was 14 deg. below zero. In Marino's Malloy was encouraged to drink himself into a stupor. Marino and Pasqua carried the unconscious Malloy to Harry Green's taxi, waiting outside the door. After lifting Malloy into the backseat, the two men got in beside him. They drove to Claremont Park, where the coatless Malloy was carried from the road into the park and laid out on the wet snow behind some bushes. Opening his shirt, they poured a five-gallon tin of water over him and then left.

The next day the gang eagerly searched the afternoon papers for news of Malloy's death from exposure. The papers offered nothing. Perhaps it was too early. That evening Pasqua showed up with a bad head cold from the outing the night before. Then the speakeasy door opened, and there stood Michael Malloy, looking invigorated. He marched to the bar, calling out for his first drink.

That night the gang was frantic. They huddled and decided to call in an expert in mayhem. They called in a friend of Marino's, Anthony "Tough Tony" Bastone, a professional killer. After explaining their caper, and what had been happening to date, they asked their consultant to advise them. He advised them to stop the fancy stuff and just murder Malloy outright. Marino didn't want anything obvious that would alert the police. Bastone said it need not be obvious. It could be an accident.

The next night, at three in the morning, once more using Green's taxi, Marino and Bastone drove out to the deserted intersection of Baychester Avenue and Gun Hill Road. Malloy, who had passed out from drink hours before, sat slumped between them. They dragged him out into the intersection and held him up while Green backed up his taxi. Then Green catapulted his cab toward them at 45 mph. Marino and Bastone released Malloy and jumped aside as the speeding auto smashed full into Malloy, throwing him into the air, knocking him down, running him over. Leaving his corpse in the middle of the street, the victorious trio fled.

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