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About the Bartending School of Mixology a college to help train young drink makers.



Bartending School of Mixology

635 Farmington Avenue

Hartford, Conn. 06105

A flier touting the school says, "This is the age of Mixology, and it is one of the most lucrative trades in demand today." Established in 1947, the school teaches both theory and practical application. Bar management, inventory control, stock purchasing, and the processing of liquor and liqueurs are part of the coed course, which runs for 7--10 weeks, depending on the individual student's schedule. Classes are held daily. Tuition and registration fees are about $600.

The school encourages both men and women to enroll, and promises that even a physical handicap is no barrier to success here. The "Classroom" is light and cheerful, with rows of bottles lining mirrored walls. The bottles are filled with colored water--not alcohol. The director of the school distinguishes between a mixologist (who creates various concoctions out of liquors, mixers, and juices) and a bartender (who serves a beer or pours a shot).

By the time students graduate (and receive diplomas for framing, as well as laminated wallet cards), they have learned to serve some 200 drinks.

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