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About the Las Vegas School of Dealing a college for those who want to learn how to deal cards professionally.



Las Vegas School of Dealing

116 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Las Vegas, Nev. 89101

"The Las Vegas School of Dealing was founded in March of 1969. Since then it has grown from a small one-room operation into the largest dealer's school in the U.S... there is no prerequisite training required; however, normal intelligence is needed." (From school brochure.)

School facilities include 16 blackjack tables, 4 dice tables, 1 large baccarat table, 1 mini-baccarat table, and a fully equipped keno parlor. Students are taught the basic fundamentals and requirements of the games before undertaking 20--40 hours of field experience in an accredited gambling establishment. Teaching is about 25% instruction, 75% practice.

Students can specialize in blackjack, craps, baccarat, or keno. Mastering each of these specialties takes a minimum of 6--8 weeks and costs $250--300. Here is the outline for the craps course: (1) cutting chips; (2) calling dice; (3) pole position; (4) propositions; (5) procedure; (6) line bets; (7) come bets; (8) odds; (9) place bets; (10) buy bets; (11) more procedure; (12) practice whole game.

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