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About the New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and Embalming for the aspiring mortician.



New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and Embalming

655 Beacon Street

Kenmore Square

Boston, Mass. 02215

For those bent on a career in funeral service, the curriculum at the New England Institute includes communication arts, the sociology of death, pathology, and mathematics. In the mortuary arts course, students learn to restore superficial tissues and features that have been disfigured by trauma (like car accidents) and disease (name your favorite). The school also offers classes in mortuary administration (public relations, personnel, merchandising) and on the theory and practice of embalming.

The embalming classes, according to the academic catalog, cover "all the presently used processes of embalming and ... a scientific analysis of each is made. The course includes thanatology and the history of embalming. The methods of injection and use of special-purpose fluids are taught. Various techniques for specific problems, including radioactive contamination, are included in this course. Laboratory work is given, in which the student is actually engaged in the preparation and embalming of the dead human body."

The institute has three different programs which offer degrees: a diploma program (12 months, $3,460); an associate program (16 months, $4,310); and a certificate program (20 months, $4,900).

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