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About the Sunset School of Preaching for the student aspiring to be preach the gospel.



Sunset School of Preaching

Sunset Church of Christ

3723 34th Street

Lubbock, Tex. 79410

Have you had a secret hankering to preach the gospel? Would you like some training before venturing into the field to do your evangelizing? This school trains Church of Christ preachers. As the school's information guide states, "The significance of your decision to yield yourself to the earth's highest calling can be seen from the fact that in 1975 when the population of the world reached four billion, the church of the Lord could field only one full-time gospel preacher for every 700,000 lost men. We firmly believe that the lost are deserving of a better chance of salvation than these conditions afford. And we are committed to do something about it."

Students can focus on special areas like "deaf missions" and the "Spanish-speaking" during the six months to a year that they attend the school. Students are not permitted to have outside employment while taking the course, but to offset this, no tuition is charged. Because the wife of the gospel preacher is part of the "team," special classes are provided for preachers' wives.

Among the many classes that students can take are: Millennial Studies, Apologetics, Cultural Anthropology, and Restoration Principles. The class in contemporary religious thought is intended to show where liberalism, humanism, subjectivity, and secular thought originated, and "where they have departed from the truth of God's Word." Approved for veterans' benefits.

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