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About the Juggling Workshop a school for the aspiring juggler and acrobat.



The Juggling Workshop

1565 East 9th Street

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230

When founder-instructor Jay Green was a nine-year-old boy, he spent his summers at the beach. One day he saw a man juggling three balls and was awestruck. He was sure the balls were on strings. He approached the man more closely in order to see the strings, but there were none. Jay was delighted. He went home determined to learn to do the same trick. Since no rubber balls were available, Jay made three balls out of clay and began to practice.

Today Jay Green is a professional juggler who performs in nightclubs and at fairs, as well as on television, often assisted by his teenage daughter, Lisa. He also uses mime and comedy in his performances. Green is entirely self-taught; his agility is the result of constant practice and total concentration. He says that it is much easier to learn "the theory of the third ball, the fourth ball, etc." and other balancing skills from a master than it is to teach yourself. (In the days when Green was first learning, there wasn't any International Jugglers Association. Green is now an IJA champion.)

Green holds his Jugglers Workshop in Brooklyn--at irregular intervals--to teach aspiring jugglers his art. He is not anxious to attract large numbers of students, because his schedule is already a busy one. But if you're ardently interested in becoming a juggler, it may be worth your while to contact Mr. Green and learn the date of his next workshop. The cost is $3.50 an hour for group lessons.

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