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About the Jim Russell Racing Drivers' School for students who wish to learn auto racing.



Jim Russell Racing Drivers' School, Inc.

P.O. Box 911

Rosamond, Calif. 93560

The form letter from the Russell school says, "Motor Racing is the sport of the 70s, and we feel that we can get you into it faster and for less money than anyone else . . . . Find out if dicing wheel to wheel in the heat of competition is really your √ęthing' before you spend the money for a race car."

The school offers a three-day course ($550), a five-day course ($675), and advanced instruction on weekends ($100 using your car, $150 using theirs). Beginners cover the basic instructions of racing, such as heel and toe, braking and throttle control, basic lines through a corner, importance of rev limits, etc. Students get a basic working knowledge of motor racing and how to enter it. Studying is done both in the classroom and at the trackside.

Started in 1957 by Jim Russell--three times World Formula 3 Champion--the school uses the latest cars in international formula racing. The training is intense. "The pros will walk every corner with you. Different lines will be discussed, apexes marked, downshifting and braking points established. Then. .. you'll drive. Get the feel of the circuit. After several laps you'll come into the pits, and the real work begins....Drivers alternate standing at studied corners watching with the instructors; and driving themselves. Your mistakes, and the mistakes of others, are carefully evaluated. Soon you know every corner....Then you're timed; lap after lap...You go out and do it again, and again--until you're perfect. Now you're shaving a second off your lap times....

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