Odd Jobs Colleges Los Angeles Institute of Polygraph

About the Los Angeles Institute of Polygraph a school to help young student who want to learn lie detection.



Los Angeles Institute of Polygraph

5410 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 912

Los Angeles, Calif. 90036

Be assured that it is necessary to fill out the application to this school accurately and honestly. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and "will be administered a preenrollment polygraph examination for the purpose of verifying the truthfulness of their application."

The polygraph laboratories adjoining the main classroom are equipped with modern polygraph instruments. They are also equipped with closed-circuit television "which' enhances personalized and supervised instruction."

The 336-hour (8-week) course costs $1,600. Curriculum includes the following courses: History and Theory of Lie Detection; Polygraph Nomenclature and Mechanics; Polygraph Maintenance and Malfunctions; Pharmacology; Human Physiology; General, Abnormal, Neurotic, Psychotic, and Sociopathic Psychology; Test Construction; Chart Evaluation; Interrogation; and Ethics. Students attend school Monday through Saturday.

Graduates qualify for lie detection careers in police work, legal cases, and the business world. A perfect way to expiate your guilt for that lie you told when you were seven years old.

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