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About Murdoch's International Cotton School for the aspiring cotton worker.



Murdoch's International Cotton School

1102 Cotton Exchange Building

Memphis, Tenn. 38103

This unusual school offers "the most practical and intensive cotton training" in the world. Since the school opened in 1920, students from more than 36 countries have attended.

Before he died, founder W. L. Murdoch, Sr., said, "They have machines to measure the fineness and strength of the fibers, machines to measure the color and the length of the staple. But you still can't beat a good classer to size up a sample in a hurry. He can tell by the way the cotton looks, the way it feels when it breaks--75% of classing is in the feel, about 25% in sight." The school also teaches its students to use various laboratory testing machines.

Mr. Murdoch claimed that "a man is better trained in a three-month course here than he would be in three years of squidging [apprenticing] elsewhere." Students learn stapling, grading, evaluating, recapping, hedging, deliveries, fiber qualities, margining, etc.

Nicknamed the College of Cotton, the school offers an introductory course to cotton classing and marketing (four months) at $1,500, and a more advanced course (two months) at $750.

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