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About the College of Comedy a school for the aspiring comedian to learn how to be funny.



College of Comedy

Humor Societies of America

74 Pullman Avenue

Elberon, N.J. 07740

George Q. Lewis, executive director of Humor Societies of America and coauthor of such books as The Best Jokes of All Time and How to Tell Them, has a unique philosophy: "The most important day in your life is when you discover that laughter and a sense of humor are important in your well-being."

The College of Comedy underscores the therapeutic values of comedy and humor. It is geared not only to comedians, gagwriters, cartoonists, and other professionals, but to everyone who wants to make "laughter part of daily life." The course teaches "humorizing," the new science of self-motivating happy-making. Students study brainstorming, inventive improvisations, exercises in comedy, happy comedy games everyone can play, experiments in experience, and the art of happy communication. The school offers a spring course (15 weeks), a fall course (15 weeks), and a summer course (6 weeks). Tuition for each is $115.

The theme of the summer course may change from year to year. Recently, the school's Comedy and Humor Workshop, held at the New School for Social Research in New York City, was a "humor energy program--energizing the comedic spirit and involving laughmakers in solutions of the problems facing America."

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