Odd Jobs Schools and Universities Western College of Auctioneering

About the Western College of Auctioneering a school and university to learn the art of the auction.



Western College of Auctioneering

P.O. Box 1458

Billings, Mont. 59103

Auctioneering isn't just calling bids and then crying, "Going, going, gone." This school also teaches students how to talk to the public, think on their feet, evaluate people, and breathe properly. Students practice controlling their voices so that they can withstand the hours of speaking required of auctioneers.

Since all phases of the auction business are covered by the school, you can decide to specialize in farm sales or real estate auctions. Or in charity, jewelry, bankruptcy, liquidation, purebred cattle and hog, airplane and boat, art, salvage, or you-name-it type auctions. Established in 1948, the course requires two weeks--day and evening both--and is offered several times a year. Tuition is $350.

A class begins with all of the students introducing themselves. For the first lesson, each student in turn tries to sell something like a garden rake to the rest of the class. These early sessions are recorded, and two weeks later students are invariably surprised that they could have learned so much so quickly.

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