Physical Fitness and Well-Being and Nose Care Part 1

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Your nose is a complex air-conditioner. In addition to controlling the heat and humidity of the air you take in, it also filters out unwanted substances.

The nose is faced with the task of providing your lungs with air which has a temperature somewhere around 98.6deg. Accomplishing this is an ambitious feat, especially since the temperature of the earth's air varies from about -40 deg. to 100 deg. and above.

The linings in your nasal passages are made up of tissue which is laced with thousands of feet of tiny veins. As cold air passes over this tissue, the blood running through these veins warms it.

When air that is too warm enters your nasal passages, the blood running through the tiny veins absorbs the heat, thus cooling the air before it enters your lungs.

Just as the air entering your lungs needs to be of a certain temperature, so it needs to be of a particular humidity.

The outside air varies from slightly less than 1% humidity to more than 90% humidity. Your lungs require the air to be about 75-80% humidity.

Humidity is controlled inside your nasal cavities by a damp tissue known as mucosal tissue. This is the same kind of tissue which lines the inside of your mouth.

The dampness of the mucosal tissue in your nose provides water vapors to humidify the air before it reaches your lungs.

According to most medical scientists, the nose is much better at providing additional moisture to dry air than it is at reducing the moisture in air that is too damp.

Probably the most complex function served by your nose is the filtration of air. To accomplish this there is a mucosal blanket, a thick, slightly sticky layer of fluid, which is normally maintained by the mucosal tissue.

Glands in your mucosal tissue secrete fluids to create this blanket. The blanket, in turn, is constantly moving, draining into your stomach.

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