Physical Fitness and Well-Being and Teeth Care Part 2

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The hole drilled by the dentist is then lined with a chemical cement, which protects the pulp of the tooth and insulates it against heat and cold. The filling, a substance usually made of silver, tin, copper, zinc alloy, and mercury, is pressed into the remaining hole.

Once the filling in your tooth hardens, it is shaped by the dentist to fit precisely with the surrounding teeth. This shaping process is important for two reasons: to ensure you of good biting and chewing surfaces and to prevent the tooth from drifting, or loosening, in your mouth.

The part of the jawbone into which your teeth fit is actually very malleable. That is, the bony material into which your teeth fit can change its shape.

The malleability of your jawbone makes it possible to shift teeth around in your mouth. That's what orthodontics is all about.

With metal braces, a dentist can, over a period of time, move a tooth from the back of your mouth to the front, or even from one side of your mouth to the other. As the tooth moves, a fraction of an inch at a time, the bony material in your jaw remolds itself, adapting quickly to the new positions.

Using braces to improve bite or the appearance of the mouth was once for young children only. Now, however, adults of all ages are benefiting from this technique.

Healthy gums make tight seals around each tooth and prevent bacteria from working down toward the roots, where there is no enamel to prevent decay.

To stay healthy, your gums need stimulation. This is accomplished by eating whole foods, such as raw vegetables and fruits, which massage your gums and thereby stimulate the flow of blood through millions of tiny veins as you chew. Massaging your gums with your fingers helps, too.

Unhealthy gums recede, or pull away from your teeth. The result is loose teeth, loss of teeth, increased tooth decay, and infection.

Most dentists agree that you can prevent tooth decay and gum diseases by avoiding sugary foods, brushing carefully after meals, eating a balanced diet, and eating whole, rather than refined, foods.

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