Physical Fitness and Well-Being Skin Part 3 Cosmetics and Care

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People in our society are at last becoming aware of the need to be cautious about the cosmetics, deodorants, and soaps they use on their skin. Getting rid of natural oils and scents, once thought stylish, may well cause disease and premature aging of your skin. Some cosmetics can destroy the mantle of oil which should be considered as much a part of you as your arms or legs.

There is an increasing number of soap and cosmetics manufacturers who are becoming aware of this. They speak of matching cosmetics to the natural acid base balance of your skin. They have found the safe pH factor to be between 4.5 and 5.5.

If you're interested in determining the pH factor of products you now use on your skin, do this. Go to the drugstore and ask for test papers to test the full range of pH factors. (Diabetics use them for checking their urine, so they are commonly available.)

These test papers cost about a dollar. Use the instructions, which the papers will include, to test the pH of shampoos, hand soaps, cosmetics, and lotions. You may well discover your skin improves when you start using products that are balanced with your skin's normal pH.

Vigorous exercise, such as jogging, tennis, handball, or biking, increases blood flow to your skin, making it healthy and youthful in appearance. In addition, as you sweat during exercise, pores are cleansed from the inside out. Sunlight and fresh air help keep your skin nicely toned.

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