Planet X - Scientific Theories and Mysteries

About Planet X, scientific theories for the unexplained mysteries of Planet X.


Theories and Mysteries: Some astronomers rebut Brady's prediction, pointing out that the properties he assigned to Planet X would shift the orbits of the outer planets out of the flat ecliptic plane in as little as a million years.

If Planet X does lie in the position claimed for it, it may have a surface as pockmarked as the moon's. Many astronomers believe a thin cloud of comets surrounds the outer planets, perhaps reaching halfway to the nearest star. These cometary nuclei would range in diameter from 1 mi. to as much as 50 mi.--swarms of irregular chunks of dirt and ices of methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water traveling together, some leaving the solar system, some swinging inward to orbit the sun, a few perhaps impacting Planet X. Its surface could be covered with craters of frozen methane and hydrogen created by barrages of deep space shrapnel fired from some primeval explosion into the cold radiation broth permeating the space-time universe.

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