Please Don't Call Me Fido by Carolyn Boyce Johnes

An excerpt from the book Please Don't Call me Fido by Carolyn Boyce Johnes a guide to help you pick a good dog's name.

PLEASE DON'T CALL ME FIDO by Carolyn Boyce Johnes. New York: Berkley Publishing Corporation, 1977.

About the Book: Bookstores are crowded with what-shall-we-name-the baby ? books. Now Carolyn Boyce Johnes has come up with a new wrinkle in Please Don't Call Me Fido, subtitled "What Shall We Name the Dog?" This book, an annotated list of famous dogs from history, legend, literature, and the movies, is must reading for any dog lover. With more than 1,000 names to choose from, spanning the alphabet from Abakaru to Zorro, every dog owner can find the perfect name for his or her pet.

From the Book:

Aibe: In the twelfth century the King of Ulster offered six thousand cows for this swift-footed wolfhound. When the offer was refused, the King went to battle, and during the fighting the coveted hound was slain.

Atma: Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's poodle. Schopenhauer was reputed to hate his fellow men, but to love his dog. If Atma did something wrong, he was scolded with the most insulting word his master knew: "Man."

Calculator: A lame, yellow stray adopted in 1923 by the soldiers at Ft. Benning, Georgia. So named because with his broken leg, he put down three and carried one. Today a granite monument stands in front of the infantry school at Ft. Benning with the inscription: "He made better men of us all."

Corporal Bum: A collie, World War II veteran of European fighting. When his master, Sergeant Michael O'Leary, enlisted, Bum began sulking and refused to eat. Desperate as news of his dog's decline reached him, O'Leary sought the intervention of President Roosevelt, pleading that the dog be drafted into the service. On direct orders from the President, Corporal Bum was drafted and assigned specifically to O'Leary.

Dammit: A dog who though his name was Dammit, as his master repeatedly said: "Come here! Dammit! Sit! Dammit! Stay! Dammit!"

Little One: A poodle who had his day in court. His owner sued a Florida pet spa for $15,000 claiming the dog suffered mental trauma from a clipping the groomer had given him. The judge awarded the dog owner $9,000.

Prisie: A beer-drinking mutt whose passion for the brew, according to an Associated Press release, forced her to learn how to carry bottles in her mouth, tilting them for last drops.

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