Practical Solutions Law and Order Humiliate the Rapist Part 1

About a practical solution to the problems surrounding rape and failure to report them involving a very unusual method.



A Street Man's Answer to Rape: Humiliate the Raper

I have read a lot of professor stuff on how to stop rapes the last couple of years. I am not saying I have the answer, but since I have some general experience from the streets, maybe what I say might be a part answer.

Everyone knows that most rapes are never told to the police. I'd say that on the blocks where I used to live, maybe 10 girls and women anyone would want to rape would tell the police. And that's out of maybe 150 girls. And, of course, most girls who tell the police are treated like whores even if they are not. But the worst thing about it from the girls' viewpoint is that almost no one is convicted and most rapers are treated like heroes by the people who count--their friends.

The suggestions I have read in most professor articles are never going to make any changes in rapes or convictions. The reason I say this is because both in my group and even probably among professors, raping a good-looking woman gives you a lot of prestige.

One day while thinking about myself (I am out of work right now), I came up with a big weapon to partly stop rapes, make women feel better about reporting rapes, and make sure rapers are convicted. The idea for the weapon comes from my nickname, Small Banana, which is partly why I left Brooklyn. I call the weapon "Humiliation." I never was afraid of prison but I was always afraid of being made fun of, particularly regarding my manhood. And most of my friends felt the same way.

Here is how my weapon works, and as you can see, it is probably legal.

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