Practical Solutions Law and Order Humiliate the Rapist Part 2

About a practical solution to the problems surrounding rape and failure to report them involving a very unusual method.



When a woman is raped, if she uses my weapon, she goes to the police and instead of charging rape she charges Indecent Exposure. All she has to say is that a man grabbed her, took out his penis and showed it to her, and that's all. She says nothing about rape. The advantages of doing this are:

1. The police have no respect for guys who take out their penis in front of women and will immediately try to find the guy. More important, the police will not treat the woman like a whore or ask her any embarrassing questions about who screws her.

2. The woman is not embarrassed before her friends or husband.

3. The raper who is picked up is very humiliated since his friends think he is a sick guy who can't even screw a woman. And, when he goes to jail, he will be picked on by the inmates as a sick guy.

4. The raper will probably plead guilty since any lawyer will tell him that juries don't need much evidence to convict guys of sick sex crimes like Indecent Exposure.

5. Even if the case goes to trial, the woman's background will not be examined since it has nothing to do with the crime or any defense to the crime.

6. Although Indecent Exposure is usually only a misdemeanor, the raper has to register as a sex offender wherever he goes, and in many states, like California, a second conviction is a felony.

The only disadvantage to reporting a rape as an Indecent Exposure is that the penalty is much greater if you are convicted of rapes. But, since most women don't report rapes, those who do are embarrassed, and few rapers are convicted, the odds are much better on Indecent Exposure. To put it another way, you are probably a winner with Indecent Exposure and a sure loser with rape.

Some people may ask, is this legal? In my opinion it probably is, since it's the very thing the District Attorney does all the time when he lets a guy plead guilty to a lesser crime like disturbing the peace instead of assault with a deadly weapon. Since all the legal elements of the crime of Indecent Exposure are part of virtually every rape, the woman doesn't even have to lie. All she does is not report the rest of the crime. The funny part of it is that the raper can't afford to say it wasn't Indecent Exposure and was really rape--since if he does, he gets convicted of a felony.

Note. I wrote this article in my own language by myself, but my girl friend fixed up all the spelling and some of the grammar and put in periods where they belonged. The last name is not mine, because if I ever go east or am sent back to prison, my friends might get me. My nickname Small Banana is real and is very important to understanding what I am saying in this article, which is the first I ever wrote since I went to Jefferson High School in Brooklyn in 1953.

Willie "Small Banana" Williams San Francisco, Calif.

Source: Reprinted from Co-Evolution Quarterly (Fall, 1976).

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