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About a practical proposal to help military recruitment by creating a peaceful army.



A Peaceful Peacetime Army

Last summer my family and I used our vacation time to drive across the U.S. We saw a lot of beautiful sights and met a lot of friendly people, but the sight that most impressed me and inspired me was in southern California. The highway ran right through the middle of a marine base (I think), and the marines were right there on the side of the road picking up the garbage and litter that motorists had thrown away. You could see the difference where the marines had already been, because it looked so clean. It made me think that soldiers could be put to use doing all sorts of useful things instead of just waiting around for the next war.

For myself, in a couple of years I will be old enough to join the army, but I'm not going to if all they do is fight and practice fighting. However, if there was a peaceful army, a helpful army, I would join up right away, particularly if it was coed. A peaceful army could clean up litter and trash and recycle it, fix up houses for old folks who can't do it themselves, plant trees and parks in barren areas, and generally help out wherever our society needed them. I told my family this idea, and they thought it was a good one. But my dad said that if the food was as bad as when he was in the army, that I still shouldn't join.

Bill Brewster Jacksonville, Fla.

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