Practical Solutions Military Using Unused Military Bases

About a practical proposal for the military to use unused military bases for more practical things.



Using Unused Military Bases

Each day on my way to work I drive by an enormous, seemingly abandoned army base. Every morning I spend 10 to 15 minutes driving along the perimeter of this base. Yet the only people I see are members of a cleaning crew which appears to hit each set of vacant barracks about once every two weeks. My route to work also leads me through what can only be described as a central-city slum. There are so many people in this area that they spill out of their homes and spend most of the day crowding around on the street. When I arrive in the city in the morning, there are already large groups of unemployed men and boys gathered on street corners and porch steps. When I leave in the evening, they are still there. And I head home again, past the rows of empty barracks and the thousands of acres of unused land. You can probably tell what I am leading up to. I know that most urban poor people wouldn't move to the countryside if you paid them, but I'll bet a lot of them would. This army base, and other unused and underused bases like it across the country, could be turned over to unemployed families. The same money that is used for welfare payments could be used instead to help these people start their own farms and small industries. Not only would the unemployment rate be lowered, but welfare expenses wouldn't be so high and the inner cities wouldn't be so crowded. I hope that somebody who has some power in this country reads my suggestion and does something about it. If it works, the government could buy up excess lands owned by large corporations and use them to build more new cities for people who are currently unemployed.

R. Collins Washington, D.C.

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