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About a practical proposal to help foster the relationship between the government and the people by returning tax money.



Returning Taxes to the People

We often hear it said that a major problem today is that the people don't trust their leaders. But I believe that the opposite is true. The real hindrance to democracy is that the leaders don't trust the people.

In the interest of purifying our democracy and restoring its egalitarian ideals, I propose a $25 billion tax rebate. And I further propose that this large sum be returned in the following manner.

1. The entire nation shall be divided into districts of 1,000 people each, the divisions being made by an impartial computer.

2. Each district shall receive $100,000 to do with as it sees fit.

3. A period of time shall be designated for free discussion of any and all proposals for using the money.

4. On a specified date, an open meeting shall be held in each district to discuss and vote on what to do with the $100,000.

Here is a list of possibilities:

1. Give $100 to each person.

2. Fund a small business, employing local people and bringing continuing money into the community.

3. Buy weapons for foreign dictatorships.

4. Put the money in banks and use the interest to have an annual party.

5. Join with other districts for larger projects.

6. Buy a retreat in the country.

7. Purchase property in the district for use as a community center, park, orchard and garden, or library.

8. Hold a lottery and give all $100,000 to one person.

9. Create scholarships to send local students to college.

I have spent many, many hours thinking about this proposal and would be glad to talk about it with anybody who is interested.

David Wallechinsky Santa Monica, Calif.

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