Practical Solutions Money Worm Farming for Profit Part 1

About a practical proposal to help you make money while helping the enviornment by becoming a worm farmer.



How to Make a Fortune While Saving the Planet

Benji's father discovered plastics. Emmet's father was one of the Marx brothers (the ones that gave us Mr. Potato Head, not You Bet Your Life). When Benji told me Emmet was thinking of raising worms in his backyard in Beverly Hills, I thought the idea was almost as ridiculous as making a fortune in dolls made from potatoes.

Emmet gave me the name of International Home Fish Breeders in Granada Hills, Calif., as a source of information and worms. They sent me a manila envelope full of yellow mimeographed sheets emblazoned with 2-in. type: "COSTS SO LITTLE... REQUIRES LITTLE TIME OR EFFORT... WILL THRILL TO THE FASCINATION OF THIS PROFITABLE HOBBY."

The circulars had that hyped-up, fleecy ring of a get-rich-quick scheme (i.e., the big operators at the top of the pyramid getting rich off the unfortunates at the bottom, who are trying to make a buck in their backyards). It sounded so easy. Too easy. A yard, a basement, a garage. Plywood, manure, and worms. According to International Home Fish Breeders, 10 California golden giant worms, after two years, will generate a stock of 8 million baby worms, a million and a half breeder worms, and a minimum income of $80,000! A California golden giant, for those of you unfamiliar with worm husbandry, is billed as the "SUPERWORM, stronger than the redworm, tougher-skinned than the night crawler, and with its five inches of powerful muscle, gets more squirm per worm."

Despite hard-sell hype, the earthworm is a prime expediter of life and a significant force in the ecosystem. Blind and cold-blooded, the earthworm spends its entire life eating nature's waste materials, passing them through its intestines, and depositing back in the soil rich, black, life-sustaining humus. Aristotle called the earthworm the "intestines of the earth." The magnitude and grandeur of the worms' work can be appreciated from Darwin's Formulation of Vegetable Mould by Action of Earthworms: "Every square inch of topsoil on every continent, island, and archipelago on the entire planet has passed through the intestines of earthworms."

Until now worms have been used commercially as bait for America's 26 million fishermen, by nurserymen, as food in zoos, and by the small but growing number of organic farmers who know that the fertilizer produced by worms is three times as rich in phosphates, nitrates, and potash as factory-made fertilizers.

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