Practical Solutions Schools Busing and Boredom

About a practical proposal to improve education by dividing up schools by subjects and busing students around.



Busing and Boredom

I think that I have come up with a plan that will solve the problem of busing as well as deal with the boredom that so many school kids and teachers experience. For a certain portion of each semester (I would suggest trying three weeks the first time), each school in a district would become the center for one course of study. For example, all high school students from the entire school district who are interested in American history would be bused each day for three weeks to the American history school. All those interested in chemistry would go to the chemistry school, and so on. After the three weeks were over, all the students would go back to their local schools. This plan achieves the following: (1) Students from different neighborhoods would be exposed to each other. (2) Students would be able to pursue their favorite subjects. (3) Teachers would get a chance to vary their curriculum for a few weeks and would also get to teach a classroom of kids who have chosen to be there instead of being required to attend. As a teacher, I find that there is nothing more depressing than trying to teach algebra to a bunch of kids who aren't the least bit interested in algebra. It also makes it hard on the students who actually want to learn.

Mary Ann Beckwith Atlanta, Ga.

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