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About a practical proposal to improve education by turning it into a completely capitalist system.



Education without Government

I, for one, am tired of shelling out more and more money for "education" when each new study reveals that the schools are turning out dumber and dumber kids. Meanwhile, there are always groups of frustrated parents who object to what their little ones are being taught. But the multitude of thorny problems that besets American education today can be solved by one simple act: Turn it over to the capitalist system. Let people go into the education business, selling schools to meet the diverse needs of America's knowledge consumers. Instead of trying to filter aid to education through a massive bureaucracy, why not allocate a financial credit or voucher to the parents of each school-age child? This credit would be turned into cash for whichever school the child attends for the year.

In the true capitalist spirit, demand would create supply and there would be something for everybody. There would be integrated schools, segregated schools, religious schools, hippy schools, military schools. Each set of parents could take its pick. Rich parents could still pay extra for a private school of their choice, but, for the first time, middle-class and poor parents would be able to do what the rich already do--choose the set of values their child will learn instead of having to accept whatever their local school district shoves at them.

Richard Johnson

Bayside, N.Y.

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