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About a practical proposal for a playoff or tournament system for the college football championship.



College Football Championship

I am a sports fan. I love all sports, but there is one sport that is failing to keep up with the times and meet the needs of the fans. That sport is college football. Every other team sport has a climactic tournament at the end of the season which determines the champion for the year. Baseball has the World Series, pro football the Super Bowl, hockey the Stanley Cup, and college basketball the NCAA tournament. But college football is a flop. The excitement at season's end is completely dissipated by the undemocratic tradition of bowl games. The Rose Bowl may prove who is the best team in the Big 10 and Pacific 10, but what about the rest of the country? I propose a 16-team annual tournament to determine the true college football champion. The participating teams could be chosen because they finished first in their conference or because they finished in the top 16 of the national polls. It would make for a long season for some of the teams, but they would be the best teams and they could take it. And it would be an excellent showcase for players who are about to turn pro. The different stadiums that now host the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, etc., would take turns hosing the semifinals and finals, and I doubt if they would have any problem getting a full house even for a first-round game. A post-season college football tournament would put an end to all those January arguments about which team is really number one and would allow us sports fans to settle back and give our full attention to basketball and hockey.

Jim Kirschner

Pittsburgh, Pa.

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