Psychic Phenomenon and History Clairvoyance Part 5

About the psychic phenomenon clairvoyance also known as ESP or astral projection, history and cases of the gift of second sight.



Mrs. Hammid, seeking to describe the Palo Alto Yacht Harbor, which was then at low tide and consisted entirely of mud flats, saw it as "some kind of congealing tar, or maybe an area of condensed lava." She said: "It looks like the whole area is covered with some kind of wrinkled elephant skin that has oozed out to fill up some kind of boundaries where [the outbound experimenter] is standing." Targ and Puthoff noted that "because of the lack of water, the dock where the remote experimenter was standing was in fact resting directly on the mud."

As they perfected their technique, the experimenters told their subjects to keep away from speculative interpretations of what they "saw." This helped when Hammid tuned in on a visit by the "remote experimenter" to a large formal garden at Stanford University. She did, in fact, describe a formal garden behind a wall with a "double colonnade" and called it "very well manicured." When she was later taken there, Mrs. Hammid "was herself taken aback to find the double-colonnaded wall leading into the garden" that she had clairvoyantly described earlier.

The initial SRI studies covered a period of three years, ending in 1974; they have since continued and been extended to transcontinental remote-viewing. Targ and Puthoff concluded that they had established a good case for "the ability of both experienced subjects and inexperienced volunteers to view, by means of innate mental processes, remote geographical or technical targets such as roads, buildings, and laboratory apparatus." Having done more than 50 experiments with half a dozen subjects, they made these observations:

*The phenomenon is not a sensitive function of distance over a range of several kilometers, which means that it isn't restricted to nearby spots.

*Faraday cage-shielding (a wire cage with electrical current running through it, might screen out certain forms of that energy) does not appear to degrade the quality or accuracy of perception.

*Most of the correct information that subjects relate is of a nonanalytical nature, pertaining to shape, form, color, and material rather than to function or name.

*The principal difference between experienced subjects and inexperienced volunteers is not that the latter never exhibit the faculty, but rather that their results are simply less reliable.

The experimenters also had this to say to their scientific colleagues: "Although the precise nature of the information channel coupling remote events and human perception is not understood, certain concepts in information theory, quantum theory, and neurophysiological research appear to bear directly on the issue. As a result, the working assumption among researchers in the field is that the phenomenon of interest is consistent with modern scientific thought, and can therefore be expected to yield to the scientific method." Researchers at other institutions have begun to duplicate SRI experiments.

Puthoff and Targ had good reason to caution their subjects over and over again to stick to describing targets rather than speculating on what they thought they were. One prominent volunteer was Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bach started to describe a building from the outside, then "moved" inside and spoke of seeing something like a white-topped counter, resembling the desk at an airline office, with the wall behind it decorated with the company's logo, shaped like a fleur-de-lis. As it turned out, he had given a pretty good description of the layout found by the experimenters at the actual spot. However, it wasn't a company building he had described, but the inside of a church. The white-topped counter was a marble altar, and the "company logo" on the back wall was, in fact, a cross.

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