Psychic Phenomenon and History Precognition Part 2

About the psychic phenomenon precognition also known as ESP or seeing the future, history and information about the gift of second sight.




The long-distance record, in time and space, for a laboratory experiment in precognition is probably held by Rose Hynes, who was the subject of a test that involved a Paris-to-Durham connection and a time period of one year. Dr. Margaret Anderson, then on Dr. Rhine's staff and later a Pittsburgh educator, arranged for Miss Hynes to take a batch of ESP record sheets with her to Paris, from where she mailed two filled-in precognition sheets each month. This went on for nine months, from September, 1956, through May, 1957. As Dr. Anderson later reported in the Journal of Parapsychology (June, 1959), they wanted to find out whether it is possible to "bridge a time interval of one year in a precognition test." They began to check Rose Hynes's year-old guesses on a monthly basis, beginning in October, 1957, and ending in June, 1958. The results were: 46 hits above chance expectancy. Dr. Anderson felt that Miss Hynes had felt particularly "challenged by the long-range test," because she had not done as well on another, short-range test.

Guessing what cards would be in a deck, and in what sequence, a year later, manages to sound both irrelevant and upsetting. Statistically oriented critics could probably pick holes in the experiment; they almost always can. But the experiment was about as tightly organized as this sort of thing, in any field that bases its findings on statistics, can manage.

Perfection is impossible in these experiments, as in so much else. But the experimenters are always at work, trying to tighten the designs of their tests, controlling them closely, and not letting their evaluations exaggerate results. At the other end of the spectrum of prophecy are the off-the-cuff prophets, whose voices are loud, whose claims are numerous, but who never submit to laboratory tests. Most prominent among these is Jeane Dixon, who established her reputation with a widely publicized prophecy of the death of Pres. John F. Kennedy. These predictions range from the momentous ("Another threatening crisis, that may lead to war, looms in the Near East") to the utterly trivial--forecasting the romantic comings and goings of movie stars and the chances of success for next season's TV series.

It is, of course, quite possible to predict an event accurately, as long as one makes a great number of predictions; some of them, particularly if vaguely worded, are likely to come true.

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