Psychic Phenomenon and History Precognition Part 4

About the psychic phenomenon precognition also known as ESP or seeing the future, history and a scientific look at the gift of second sight.



One such case was a dream by Mrs. G. Zabriskie of Bergenfield, N.J. She saw her husband painfully injured in an accident. She reported, "There seemed to be a jumbled mess around him that was not too clear," and added, "I saw a small boat nearby, very plainly, which seemed to have no significance to the scene or with his being injured." When she told her husband about the dream, he joked, "What am I supposed to do about it?" She answered, "I cannot forget. Just be careful."

About a week and a half later, Mrs. Zabriskie began to worry when her husband had not returned by his usual time, 6:15 P.M. He traveled by bus from New York City, across the George Washington Bridge. At 7:10 she telephoned the local police to ask whether there had been an accident on the Hill Bus Line. Yes, the police said, but only one passenger, a woman, had been seriously hurt, although others had been taken to the Englewood Hospital. Mrs. Zabriskie called the State Police and was just about to telephone the hospital when her husband came walking up to the door. She describes the incident this way:

"He had a badly cut lip, swollen out the size of an egg. Our doctor attended his lip and said he was in a state of shock. He had four teeth loosened.... We were indeed thankful he wasn't badly injured, but still it was bad enough.

"My husband said, ëWhat made you call and ask the police if there was an accident?' I told him I just felt it."

The real linkup with her dream came when her husband told her that the accident had taken place "directly opposite the showroom where they have motorboats on display." It is this sort of detail, often trivial and unrelated to the main event of a premonitory dream, that takes it out of the category of anxious anticipation and places it in the category of precognition.

Close students of the subject admit that prophecy seems to exist, although almost choked by the weeds of overpublicized guesses by headline seekers. Alan Vaughan, in Patterns of Prophecy (New York, 1973), sees "the value of prophecy" in showing what possibilities exist in becoming aware of an individual's psychic "blueprint," which "contains the basic patterns of his future," expressing his "inner destiny."

Can we, then, and should we, try to harness prophetic powers? At the Newark (N.J). College of Engineering, E. Douglas Dean and John Mihalasky for more than a decade operated a PSI Communications Project (psi is the Greek letter used as a label for parapsychology), with special emphasis on precognitive ability among business executives. Dean made a series of experiments testing corporation presidents to see how well they could predict the numbers a computer will generate at random. He found that top-level executives, who must constantly anticipate events in order to do effective long-range planning, scored significantly higher than others.

As noted, prophecy predates the Oracle of Delphi. Ancient Babylon, prehistoric China, and virtually all other cultures we know used "scrying" or prophesying methods. Reading the future in everything from the entrails of sheep to tea leaves responds to a timeless and cross-cultural desire in us to know the future.

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