Psychic Phenomenon and History Psychokinesis or Telekinesis Part 4

About the psychic phenomenon clairvoyance also known as psychokinesis or telekinesis, history and cases of the gift.



As a further precaution, the dice should be bounced off a vertical board. A cardboard box, set on the table, will help randomize the throw still further. It may seem fussy to point it out, but dice are made uneven by the manufacturing process. If one keeps in mind that more of the plastic or wooden material is scooped out to mark the side with six dots on it than the one with only one dot, it is clear that a slight difference in weight exists which may cause the dice to fall a certain way, particularly if it is thrown hundreds or thousands of times. For this reason, the subject should "will" ones to come up just as often as any of the other numbers. If calls are only for sixes, long-range chances are that they'll come up more frequently than any other number, simply because the side with the six on it is lighter. Asking for each number with the same frequency evens out the bias. An average series of hits should give each number one-sixth of a chance to come face-up.

Detailed instructions for ESP tests can be obtained from: The Institute for Parapsychology, P.O. Box 6847, College Station, Durham, N.C. 27708. Psychokinesis tests are included in their Manual for Introductory Experiments in Parapsychology.

Dr. Schmeidler has studied the interrelationship between ESP ability and psychology more thoroughly than any other researcher. She was a student of Dr. Gardner Murphy, onetime president of the American Psychological Association and of the American Society for Psychical Research. Murphy, in turn, has acknowledged his intellectual debt to William James, the distinguished psychologist-philosopher who taught at Harvard University and was a diligent, imaginative psychical researcher. Schmeidler perfected the technique of testing people who believe in ESP (whom she calls "sheep") in comparison to those who do not believe in it ("goats") and found that their personal attitudes influence experimental results; "sheep" tend to do significantly better than "goats."

Dr. Schmeidler also developed a series of novel experiments with the New York artist-psychic Ingo Swann. One test involved the psychic's efforts to obtain contact with the interior of a thermos bottle. The temperature inside the container was electronically monitored by another experimenter in a third room. According to the test records, Swann at one point sought to "explore" the inside of the bottle, which resulted in a sudden and unexpected fluctuation of its sealed-in interior temperature.

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