Psychic Phenomenon and History Psychokinesis or Telekinesis Part 5

About the psychic phenomenon clairvoyance also known as psychokinesis or telekinesis, history and cases of the gift.



Psychokinesis seems to be at work in a variety of dramatic settings. This is the case not only in hauntings and poltergeist cases, which the older literature links with ghosts and spirits, but also with phenomena that have the religious labels of "possession" and "obsession" and are dealt with through exorcisms.

A striking recent case, publicized in 1974, occurred in Daly City, near San Francisco. It involved a young family whose identity has been kept secret, but whose dilemma became known through its exorcist, Father Karl Patzelt. The parents' background may be of significance in the psychological pattern of the family. The father was an Orthodox Jew, from England; the mother was an Irish Roman Catholic. Fear-inspiring phenomena began shortly after the birth of their baby. These included polter-geistlike incidents such as the breakage of household items, but also mysterious fires in the child's vicinity and noises that kept the family on edge for nights and days on end.

A number of self-styled mediums were brought into the family's house to "diagnose" the origin of the phenomena. None of them succeeded in "laying the ghost," if a ghost there was. As the family became increasingly alarmed, Father Patzelt was brought in, and he quickly concluded that he faced a case of diabolic "obsession" affecting the whole household (rather than "possession" of an individual member of the family). Proceeding in accordance with the 16th-century book of instructions, issued at the Vatican under the title Rituale Romanum, Patzelt held a series of exorcism sessions which, as he reported later, succeeded in freeing the family from the satanic influence and brought an end to the disturbing phenomena.

From a psychological and parapsychological viewpoint, the case of the Daly City family might well fall into the psychokinesis category. This does not mean that Father Patzelt's ministrations had no effect on the phenomena; rather, it places his exorcism within the general psychological constellations of the affected family. One result of the succession of events was the father's conversion from Judaism to Roman Catholicism, which gave the family a homogeneous religious faith under Patzelt's guidance. Whatever psychological stress may have caused the physical phenomena was diffused by the husband and wife's mutual adjustment and the impact of Father Patzelt's energetic intervention.

The panorama of psychokinesis, from the fall of dice to seemingly satanic phenomena, shows the wide range of possible interaction between the human psyche and physical events. The psychophysical limits of the human mind remain largely unexplored.

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