Psychic Predictions of Daniel Logan

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Daniel Logan, biography and future predictions including ones on Russian spies, Lucille Ball, and Marlon Brando.



A theatrical-looking television performer, Daniel Logan gave up acting in his early 20s to concentrate on his interest in the supernatural. He is a medium, and he works through a spirit guide--Dr. Stanley. In a previous life, Logan feels, he was a Buddhist monk, but he now lives in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in New York State.

Past Predictions: Wrong--He predicted that Aristotle and Jacqueline Onassis would be divorced in 1971. Logan was wrong.

* He said that in 1976 three U.S. senators would be arrested for spying for the Russians. Logan was wrong.

Right--He stated that no Kennedy would run for U.S. president in 1968. He also said that if a Kennedy did run, tragedy would result--tragedy which could be attributed to Rose Kennedy's bad karma from a previous life. He was right in that Robert Kennedy was assassinated before the Democratic convention took place.

* In 1965 he predicted that the U.S. would be the first to put a man on the moon, an event which happened in 1969. Logan was right.

* In 1969 he accurately predicted the female winners of the Academy Award. In that year, for the first time, two women tied for the award--Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn. He said that either one could win; both did. Logan was right.

* He not only predicted the corruption of the Nixon regime but also pinpointed the month in which Nixon would resign from the presidency--August, 1974. Logan was right.

* He predicted that Golda Meir would leave office after a Mideast war. Logan was right.

Future Predictions: For 1979-1980

* Lucille Ball will become an ambassador to an Asian country.

* Marlon Brando will leave the U.S. and his career to set up his own country on a South Pacific island.

* Sometime after 1979, through telekinesis, negative people will cause the poles to shift, which in turn will create rising tides, earthquakes, glacial changes, and the reappearance of large land masses. Japan will sink into the sea, the West Coast of the U.S. will split into four parts, and the East Coast will be flooded.

For 1981-1990--Sometime between 1983 and 1987, secret information about Christ, never before revealed, will be made public by the pope.

* In the 1980s the U.S. will no longer have one man as president. Instead, a five-man consortium will preside as "executive leaders."

For 1991-2000--Before 1996 we will meet with superior beings from outer space, who will give us ways of solving the energy crisis.

* By 2000 cures for most major illnesses, including cancer, will have been discovered.

* By 2000 New York City will no longer exist.

No Dates Given--Visitors from outer space will interfere with the space program, and astronauts will die mysteriously.

* The Russians and the U.S. will engage in a war with China.

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