Psychic Predictions of Irene Hughes Future

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Irene Hughes, biography and future predictions including ones on Russia, earthquakes and a black vice-president.



Future Predictions: For 1980

* Russia will be on the moon testing nuclear weapons, strife will break out, and there will be bloodshed on the moon. Churches will preach about it and cite and the prophecy in the Book of Revelation about the moon turning to blood.

* The greatest earthquake in history for California, with a record for length and lasting aftershocks. Also the greatest damage--more than in the famous San Francisco earthquake of 1906. And it will happen in January, 1980.

* 1980 will prove to be one of the most bitterly cold years on record in the U.S., and even Russia will break 25- to 35-year records.

* 1980 will be a year of continuous strikes in many, many areas of labor and education and industry; but a labor leader will die and the ranks will be left weakened.

* Mr. Carter will be reelected with a black vice-president.

* The U.S. will be on the brink of war in December, 1980, with sea and air traffic in and out of the nation almost at a standstill. The entire world will be on the brink of war--but then our internal problems will cease, and we'll avert the war and be praised for not starting the actual fighting.

* Halley's Comet will return in 1980. Earth upheavals like never before. Earthquakes and tidal waves and war.

* A Costa Rican leader (the president) will be dead--probably by assassination, and the new leader will be inept and inefficient. Military control will be reactivated.

For 1980-1986--A depression will begin in 1980, and it will continue for a couple of years, but we will have some so-called good times also.

* Computerized and solar-heated and atomic-energized and-operated houses from 1980 on.

* Churches and religious organizations will begin paying taxes in 1980-1984.

* Texas wants to secede, and if it does not, another state will, in 1980-1982.

* 1981: The president of the U.S. will die of natural causes in or near Russia.

* 1981: China will be in a great internal revolution. Mao's ideas will be thrown out and considered disgraceful. A new leader will take over.

* A nuclear plant in southern Africa, probably Tanzania, in 1981.

* The so-called "peace capital of the world," Switzerland, will lose that title, and political conflict there will cause nations to seek a new location for peace conferences. This will happen in 1981-1982.

* Computerized cars in the 1980s, probably by 1982.

* Our two-party system will change to three, and the new third one will win in 1984-1985.

* Incredible medical technology--limb transplants; test-tube babies; data-computerized schools and shopping centers; fewer cars because of a national transit system; voices from outer space--all in 1986.

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