Psychic Predictions of Jandolin Marks

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Daniel Logan, biography and predictions including ones on Patricia Hearst, airline insurance, and Presidents.



Formerly a photographic model, Jandolin Marks began making predictions as an experiment in 1972. Her forecasts, particularly on impending air disasters, proved to be remarkably accurate. She now devotes herself full-time to psychic activities and publishes a monthly forecast of potential air crash warnings for her followers. She bases her prophecies on astrology, ESP, and dreams.

Past Predictions: Right--On July 26, 1973, she predicted that two military jets would collide over water within three days. Later that afternoon, two Blue Angel fighter jets crashed over a lake near Lakehurst, N.J. Marks was right.

* She predicted in February, 1974, that several catastrophes would occur in the air between Mar. 1 and 3. One plane would be destroyed by an explosion, she predicted, another skyjacked. On Mar. 2, a Turkish airliner crashed following a decompression explosion in midair, and a passenger jet was skyjacked and blown up by terrorists. Marks was right.

* During a radio interview in August, 1975, she predicted that fugitive heiress Patricia Hearst would be captured alive in northern California, and that she would renounce her ties with the radical Symbionese Liberation Army. Marks was right.

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* Repeat traffic violators will be required to drive specially marked cars to enable other drivers to spot them and protect themselves. Dangerous drivers will be reported over telephone "hot lines."

* Airlines will limit the amount of insurance passengers can receive in the event of fatal disasters. Insurance vending machines now found at most major airports will become collectors' items.

* Astrologers will continue to gain popularity. Hundreds of people will turn to them in the future for birth control advice. Family planning will take on new dimensions.

* A top Cuban official will vanish at sea.

* The man elected to the presidency in 1980 will not be assassinated, but he will die in office of natural causes.

* She predicts 1980 will be the year of medical breakthroughs. The most significant achievement will make headlines about May 1.

* A Concorde will crash around April, 1981.

* Whale hunting will be greatly curtailed by June, 1982.

* She sees a major war involving Russia and Africa. The date of this crisis is 1987.

* By 1987 almost one third of all cars on the highways will be electric.

* A major space disaster will occur in July, 1988. Four men will die as a result of this tragedy.

* Men and women will be living in outer space by April of the year 2000.

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