Psychic Predictions of Jeane Dixon Future

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Jeane Dixon, biography and future predictions including ones on the Anti-Christ, education, and travel.


Predictor: JEANE DIXON

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* Sen. Howard Baker may seek the presidency in 1980, but his dream will not be realized. His enemies will attempt to discredit him by means of a scandal.

* We are going to experience the biggest civil war that can be imagined. It is coming in the 1980s.

* UFOs will give us the knowledge to harness the sun's energy, making the earth a better place to live. The world's top scientists will be brought together and all mankind will benefit.

* It may soon be possible to nourish ourselves on a "sun pill," a concentrated dose of solar energy with great health benefits. We may also be able to run our machines on a sun pill.

* Americans may find themselves preparing for another threatened disaster. The old civil defense air-raid shelters will be revived. The nation will return to its former policy of massive preparedness for armed conflict.

* Americans will travel less in the years ahead.

* The papacy will cease to exist.

* People will communicate through telepathy and use faith healing to cure themselves.

* Canada and Brazil, rich in food and energy, will become powerful countries.

* Formal education as we know it today will virtually disappear. Many children will be taught by their parents at home.

For 2000-2037--China will start to take over the world but will ultimately be defeated.

* In 2020, the Antichrist will be revealed as evil. The Battle of Armageddon, involving millions, will take place, and the forces of good will win.

* After that, the world will become a paradise. Diseases will be cured forever, and doctors will be able to grow replacement organs, perform electrochemical operations, and completely understand the brain. Cities, at last free of air pollution, will be centers of art, religion, and commerce. We will travel through space at the speed of light. A world government, allowing the individual states to keep their identity, will have been formed.

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