Psychic Predictions of Kathy Sotka

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Kathy Sotka, biography and predictions including ones on earthquakes, the post office, and India.


Predictor: KATHY SOTKA

Sotka's initial awareness of her psychic abilities developed at the age of eight, when she accurately foretold the death of a relative. In 1974 she joined the Midwestern Institute of Parapsychology as a research psychic counselor. Since then, her forecasts have appeared in many books and newspapers.

Past Predictions: Wrong--She predicted that Ted Kennedy would be elected president for one term in 1976. Sotka was wrong.

* In a New Year's prediction roundup for 1977 which was published in a magazine, she predicted that by April, 1977, mail delivery in the U.S. would be reduced to four or five days a week instead of the customary six. Such cutbacks, although threatened, were not adopted by that date. Sotka was wrong.

Right--In a prophecy documented by a national news service, she warned that a devastating earthquake would strike the Chinese mainland and kill thousands in 1976. Sotka was right.

* In December, 1976, she predicted that the first six months of the coming year would deal a major blow to the stock market. In the last week of May, Wall Street was stunned when the closely watched Dow-Jones average dropped through the 900 floor. Sotka was right.

* Even before President Ford had announced his intention to run for reelection in 1976, she predicted that his running mate would have the initial D in his name. Ford's choice for the vice-presidential spot, rather unexpectedly, turned out to be Sen. Robert Dole of Kansas. Sotka was right.

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* India will be torn apart, and the prevailing mood will be one of panic rather than anger. There will be a brief respite from the problem of famine, but earthquakes will take a heavy toll.

* Weapons of the future will be entirely different. Guns as we presently know them will be replaced by hand weapons that stun or kill by emitting an electrical charge instead of bullets.

* New treasures and ancient secrets will be discovered near the Pyramids in Egypt.

* By 1979 there will be a force of evil building up in North Korea. Watch for a reign of terror, culminating in riots and political assassinations.

* At the same time, France will undergo similar upheaval, but it will be mainly economic in character.

* Anwar el-Sadat's health will steadily decline, and he will be unable to perform political duties after 1980.

* Gold and silver will be good investments during the last quarter of this century, especially silver.

* Around 1986, ocean farming will become very popular and profitable.

* By that time, a noncancerous cigarette will be marketed.

* The Fountain of Youth will not be discovered in chemicals but rather through mind power and pyramid energy. This by the mid-1980s, sooner than most people believe. Thereafter, homes built in pyramid shapes will come increasingly into vogue.

* A black woman who will rise to power in Africa during the 1980s will add to the turmoil already brewing in the Dark Continent.

* By the year 1990, fashion trends will have returned to the graceful, flowing lines of ancient Greece and Rome.

* As solar power comes into common use, there will be more emphasis on space exploration. In the late 1990s humans will encounter intelligent beings from another planet. We will seem primitive and barbaric to them, despite our technological advances. There will be no "space wars."

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