Psychic Predictions of Kebrina Kinkade

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Kebrina Kinkade, biography and future predictions including ones on alien life, presidents, and earthquakes.



A former actress, Kebrina Kinkade is nationally famed as a prophet to the stars. She has made many accurate predictions for celebrities like Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Clint Walker, and Lynda Day George, among others. Her first psychic experience occurred in childhood, when she psychically reenacted a murder scene and told her parents that the two victims had been buried in a nearby meadow. A heavy rain several years later confirmed her uncanny impressions. Over the past few years, she has helped law enforcement officials solve 21 murders and has located 42 missing persons.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In June, 1975, she predicted that Henry Kissinger's wife, Nancy, would divorce him following his fall from power as secretary of state. Kinkade was wrong.

* She said that President Ford would not finish his term, and that Rockefeller would assume the presidency. This, she added, would result in a Rockefeller-Reagan ticket in the 1976 election. Kinkade was wrong.

Right--In the Spring of 1974, she predicted that Richard Nixon would be out of the White House by September. He announced his resignation in a televised speech Aug. 8. Kinkade was right.

* She predicted that an assassination attempt would be made on President Ford's life later in 1975, but that it would not be successful. The media reported such an event--twice. Kinkade was right.

* On Nov. 18, 1974, she told a newspaper that she foresaw terrorist activity around Caroline Kennedy in which there would be loss of life, although the late president's daughter herself would not be harmed. On Oct. 23, 1975, a bomb exploded in a car parked in front of a London home where Caroline Kennedy was staying. A passerby, top cancer specialist Gordon Fairley, was killed in the explosion. Kinkade was right.

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* By the year 2000 there will be a one-world dollar.

* The U.N. will be abolished.

* Psychics will be used for espionage. They will also be accepted as expert witnesses in court-rooms.

* Solar cars will be perfected and affordable to the masses.

* Racial strife will trigger mass riots across the nation, and this will force martial law to be declared.

* It will be determined that cancer is a virus, and a vaccine will be found to cure it.

* Contact will be made with a UFO, and we will have joint space travel with Russia to Saturn and Mars.

* We will discover dozens of life-bearing planets outside of our solar system.

* Major earthquakes will change the earth's surface, creating new islands in the Pacific Ocean.

* Remnants of Atlantis will be found, providing answers to a number of questions which have baffled scientists for centuries.

* The Bermuda Triangle will prove to be the center of UFO activity.

* The use of oil and gas will be outlawed owing to air pollution. Gas masks will be necessary in major cities.

* Transplants, such as arms and legs, will become the norm, bringing new life to the handicapped.

* Cures will be found for cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

* Cigarettes will be banned.

* Sterilization will become mandatory for families who have had two children.

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