Psychic Predictions of Maris de Long

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Maris de Long, biography and predictions including ones on presidents, earthquakes, and a cure for alcoholism.

Predictor: MARIS DE LONG

Born and raised on a farm in Kansas, Maris De Long grew up with an uncanny knack for knowing what was about to happen to her family and friends. She has been a psychic to the stars in California for the past 40 years; one of her most famous clients was the late Marilyn Monroe. De Long uses a form of ESP called psychometry. She says that when she holds a person's watch or some other article worn on the person's body, she is able to act like a "telephone between two worlds."

Past Predictions: Wrong--In a newspaper interview dated Nov. 25, 1974, she predicted former Pres. Richard Nixon would undergo surgery during the following year. This operation, she warned, would put a terminal strain on his heart, and only a miracle would help him survive. Nixon encountered no such peril in 1975. De Long was wrong.

* She predicted that Sen. Ted Kennedy would surprise everyone and run for the vice-presidency in 1976. He didn't. De Long was wrong.

Right--On several occasions prior to 1971, she predicted that southern California would be hit by an earthquake of considerable magnitude during the first three months of that year. On the morning of Feb. 9, a large-scale temblor rocked Los Angeles, killing 64 people and damaging dozens of homes and structures throughout the city. De Long was right.

* Besides foretelling the exact year of Howard Hughes's death in a published interview, she also predicted that a variety of wills would turn up, touching off much confusion and legal controversy which would drag on for months before any settlement was reached. De Long was right.

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* Cancer cures are relatively near. By using a chemical culture to process a common herb, an American-born doctor on the East Coast will make this discovery.

* Earthquakes will become more frequent and destructive, especially in the Far East and deep in the Pacific. Several islands near the Philippines will disappear.

* Paris will take a backseat as a trend setter in the fashion industry. The Orient will set the stage for revolutionary new concepts in fashion design.

* One of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the next five years will pertain to alcoholism. A medication will be discovered to combat and cure this disease.

* More sightings of UFOs will be reported during the next 20 years. It will be discovered that they do exist, and that their planet of origin is burning up with radiation. The extraterrestrial life forms in them will migrate to earth to live among us. It will be discovered that several thousand of them are already here.

* The administration headed by President Carter will be one in which human rights in every sense will be highlighted, not only in the U. S. but in every nation of the world. Carter will be reelected in 1980, and he will be the most beloved American leader of the 20th century.

* There will be greater fear of an Ice Age approaching. The years 1980-2000 will confirm this. Great masses of arctic air will bear down on Canada and the U.S. Floods will erode much valuable land, and there will be news of ice packs forming. The cold wave will spread elsewhere in time.

* News of a Mars landing and the discovery of nutrient life forms there will be in the headlines between 1985 and 1990.

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