Psychic Predictions of Tenny Hale Future

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Tenny Hale, biography and future predictions including ones on automobiles, medicine and disease, and a nuclear accident.


Predictor: TENNY HALE

Future Predictions: For 1979-2000

* During the next 21 years, we will see major revisions in all our existing laws, and numerous constitutional changes. There will be many startling and unsavory revelations concerning the integrity of our judicial system in the U.S., particularly the Supreme Court.

* The greatest medical advances will be made in the field of clinical treatment rather than in biomolecular discoveries. There will be many breakthroughs in the area of homeopathic and naturopathic treatment.

* Most diseases, if not all, that we fear today will be eradicated by the turn of the century. Color and sound-wave therapy will revolutionize the healing profession.

* Magazines and books which utilize paper will be nonexistent in tomorrow's world. We'll no longer have the wood or the chemicals needed to process it.

* The economic outlook is for 21 years of poverty, in terms of what we have now.

* A nuclear catastrophe--not a war but an accident--will wipe out many factories which produce chemicals and synthetic foods, eliminating these things from our lives.

* Old manuscripts excavated around Yucatan will have a profound effect on the masses' attitudes toward religion, as well as providing details on levitation principles and antigravity matter suspension devices.

* Law enforcement in the future will be done by psychic means. Psychics will run radionic devices and psi generators at police departments, defense plants, and other government facilities.

* New uses of DNA will lead to numerous medical cures, but also to a great many mutations similar to the strange creatures in old mythology. This will put a curb on further experimentation.

* There will be some underground living, mostly in domes. No individual rights, no free schools. People will be controlled by thought and forms of telepathy. The toll of continued earthquakes, droughts, a nuclear catastrophe, and psychic warfare will be high. Only small pockets of civilization will survive, and Russia will rule.

* Population control will become a reality as new techniques for programming individuals' reproductive cycles by thought control are perfected. Also, few people will be able to reproduce because of nuclear mutation and sterility caused by the many chemicals now being put in our food and cosmetics.

* Automobiles will be a thing of the past, as will ocean travel. In tomorrow's restricted world, there will be little need for transportation.

* By the year 2000, Christianity will again be in full flower, in both Russia and China as well as in the U.S. It will be the prevailing world religion.

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