Psychic Predictions of Tenny Hale Past

About the psychic predictions both right and wrong from Tenny Hale, biography and predictions including ones on auras, pet food, and Ronald Reagan.


Predictor: TENNY HALE

A Baptist minister's daughter, she is Oregon's top-rated psychic and astrologer. One of her most remarkable prophecies involved the Watergate episode, which she predicted 40 years ago in a poetic forecast. She currently writes, lectures, and teaches in the psychic field. She is also president of Lazuli Productions, which publishes books and coordinates various psychic services in the Pacific Northwest.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In a book dealing with prophecies for 1975, she predicted that the equipment used in photographing human auras (i.e., Kirlian photography) would be classified as a medical appliance, and that the unauthorized use of such equipment would constitute "practicing medicine without a license." No such legislation was enacted during the year. Hale was wrong.

* The following year, she predicted there would not be enough food in the U.S. to feed pets properly. Hale was wrong.

* She also stated that Nixon's former aide H.R. Haldeman or some other source close to the President would testify in 1976 concerning Nixon and the use of magic or the occult. Hale was wrong.

Right--Nearly a year before President Ford took the first actions toward pardoning Vietnam-era war resisters, she predicted that some form of amnesty would be granted to those who had fled the country to avoid the draft. Hale was right.

* She predicted that 1976 would bring sadness and bad news for Howard Hughes. He died. Hale was right.

* She also predicted that there would be a setback or sadness for Franco of Spain. He, too, died. Hale was right.

* Months before the 1976 national elections, she prophesied that Ronald Reagan's political aspirations would be dashed that year. He lost the Republican nomination to Gerald Ford. Hale was right.

* For the winter of 1976 she forecast harsh and unusually severe weather, saying it would ruin crops, destroy property, and cause numerous deaths. Furthermore, she warned that residents in some parts of the U.S. would be without heat temporarily during the cold spell due to a shortage of natural gas. Hale was right.

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