Quiz of Movie Trivia and History Part 1 The Questions

A quiz of movie trivia, history, and filmlore.


By Hank Grant, daily columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, a motion picture and television trade newspaper, and commentator on films for CBS. Hank Grant is a connoisseur of obscure and overlooked movie data.


1. Who had originally been signed by Warner Bros. for the title role in the first talkie feature, The Jazz Singer, before Al Jolson copped the role?

2. Can you name the only movie in which Bob Hope shared top billing with Katharine Hepburn?

3. We all know that Gene Autry's horse was named Champion and Roy Rogers's mount was Trigger, but can you name the respective horses saddled by Tom Mix, Ken Maynard, and William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd?

4. In what movie did former Sen. George Murphy play the role of former Gov. Ronald Reagan's father?

5. Can you name the film queen who once refused to have Laurence Olivier as her leading man?

6. Can you name the movie in which Bing Crosby made his film acting debut?

7. The often filmed Ramona evokes fond memories of Dolores del Rio and then Loretta Young, but who was the first femme to essay the title role on the silver screen?

8. Though the late Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney toiled 20 years on the same Warner Bros. lot, can you name the only movie they appeared in together?

9. What was the title of W. C. Fields's very first movie?

10. Who created the role of Judge Hardy to Mickey Rooney's Andy Hardy?

11. Jean Harlow died before she'd completed her starring role in Saratoga. Can you name the look-alike actress who finished her scenes?

12. Who was the first femme to star in a silent screen cliff-hanger serial?

13. Can you name the only movie in which Mary Pickford sang and danced in musical productions?

14. It's not commonly known that the late Noel Coward made his American acting debut in what silent movie?

15. Mae West made her Hollywood film debut in what movie?

16. Annual telly revivals of MGM's Wizard of Oz leave no doubt that Jack Haley was an excellent choice for the role of the Tin Woodsman, but who was producer Mervyn Le Roy's first choice for the role?

17. Can you name the silent screen star who posed for the original Uncle Sam recruiting poster in W.W.I?

18. Who played the title role in Universal's classic 1931 movie Frankenstein?

19. Of the dozen or so actors who've played Ellery Queen in films, who was the first?

20. Late comedian Oliver Hardy had a rare straight character role in what movie?

21. Can you name the only movie in which Doris Day is murdered?

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