Quiz of Movie Trivia and History Part 2 The Answers

Answers to a quiz of movie trivia, history, and filmlore.



1. Warner Bros. had signed George Jessel, the original Broadway stage star of The Jazz Singer, to reprise his role on film, but instead collared Jolson, while tossing Jessel a couple of quickly forgotten quickie pics. The Jessel-Jolson feud then became legend.

2. Bob Hope and Katharine Hepburn's sole pic tandem was The Iron Petticoat (MGM, 1956), which was so bad it wasn't released, it escaped!

3. Tony was Tom Mix's horse; Tarzan, Ken Maynard's; and for Bill Boyd's money, no one could top his favorite mount, Topper.

4. George Murphy played the role of Ronald Reagan's father in This Is the Army (WB, 1943).

5. In 1932, MGM signed Laurence Olivier to be Greta Garbo's leading man in Queen Christina, but she insisted it had to be John Gilbert, which it was.

6.Bing Crosby played a nonsinging bit role as a dirigible radio operator in Lottery Bride (UA, 1930).

7. The first femme to play the title role of Ramona on the screen was Mary Pickford (Biograph, 1910).

8. The only movie in which Eddie G. Robinson and Jimmy Cagney performed together was Smart Money (WB, 1931).

9. W. C. Fields's film debut was in a one-reeler, Pool Sharks (Gaumont, 1915).

10. Though Lewis Stone played Judge Hardy in all subsequent sequels, Lionel Barrymore created the role of Mickey Rooney's father in A Family Affair (MGM, 1937).

11. The look-alike who finished Jean Harlow's scenes in Saratoga was Mary Dees (whatever became of her?).

12. Kathlyn Williams was the first femme star of a cliff-hanger serial, with 15 episodes of The Adventures of Kathlyn (Selig, 1913). The top serial queen, Pearl White, began The Perils of Pauline in 1914, while leading lady Ruth Roland's first serial, The Red Circle, debuted in 1915.

13. Mary Pickford sang and danced in Kiki (United Artists, 1931).

14. Noel Coward made his American acting debut with Dorothy Gish in Hearts of the World (D.W. Griffith, 1918).

15. Mae West made her Hollywood film debut with George Raft in Night after Night (Paramount, 1932).

16. Mervyn Le Roy first signed Buddy Ebsen for the Tin Woodsman role, but Buddy had to be replaced when he proved allergic to the aluminum makeup.

17. William S. Hart posed for the original Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

18. The title Frankenstein role was played by Colin Clive, not, as commonly presumed, by Boris Karloff, who played the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

19. Donald Cook was filmdom's first Ellery Queen, in The Spanish Cape Mystery (Republic, 1937).

20. Oliver Hardy played John Wayne's sober sidekick in The Fighting Kentuckian (Republic, 1949).

21. Doris Day was shot dead by Steve Cochran in Storm Warning (WB, 1950).

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