Religions and Their Famous Members Anglicans and Episcopals

A list of famous Anglicans and Episcopalians including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. John Wesley, British, 1703-1791.

Theologian, evangelist, social reformer, and Anglican priest who founded Methodism.

2. George Washington, U.S., 1732-1799.

First president of the U.S.

3. Patrick Henry, U.S., 1736-1799.

Lawyer, politician, and Revolutionary leader.

4. Charlotte Bronte, British, 1816-1855.


5. Emily Bronte, British, 1818-1848.


6. Florence Nightingale, British, 1820-1910.

Founder of modern nursing.

7. Edwin Booth, U.S., 1833-1893.

Stage actor; brother of John Wilkes Booth, assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

8. Jean Felix Piccard, U.S. (Swiss-born), 1884-1963.

Chemist and aeronautics engineer, who ascended to the stratosphere in a balloon with his wife, Jeannette. Jeannette later became one of the first women in the U.S. to be ordained an Episcopal priest.

9. Donald Douglas, U.S., 1892-.

Industrialist who designed U.S. Air Force plane which made the first successful around-the-world flight in 1924.

10. Clive Staples (C. S.) Lewis, British, 1898-1963.

Novelist and essayist.

11. Humphrey Bogart, U.S., 1899-1957.

Screen actor.

12. Fred Astaire, U.S., 1899-.

Dancer and screen actor.

13. Carroll Richter, U.S., 1900-.

Astrologer and syndicated columnist.

14. Tallulah Bankhead, U.S., 1903-1968.

Stage and screen actress.

15. Wystan Hugh (W. H.) Auden, U.S. (British-born), 1907-1973.


16. Nelson Rockefeller, U.S., 1908-.

Vice-president of the U.S. during the Ford administration and governor of New York.

17. Gerald R. Ford, U.S., 1913-.

Thirty-eighth president of the U.S.

18. Mary Martin, U.S., 1913-.

Singer and stage actress.

19. Olivia de Havilland, U.S. (British-born), 1916-.

Screen actress.

20. Peter Henry Abrahams, South African, 1919-.

Author of A Wreath for Udomo, the first detailed and discriminating report of apartheid written by a native black South African.

21. Errol Barrow, Barbadian, 1920-.

Independence leader and first prime minister of Barbados.

22. Malcolm Boyd, U.S., 1923-.

Author of pop prayerbook Are You Running with Me, Jesus?, broadcaster, priest, civil rights leader, and gay activist.

23. Janani Luwum, Ugandan, 1924-1977.

Anglican archbishop reportedly slain by dictator Idi Amin.

24. Elizabeth II, British, 1926-.

Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

25. Rod Carew, Panamanian, 1926-.

Professional baseball player.

26. Natalie Cole, U.S., 1949-.

Singer, daughter of vocalist Nat "King" Cole.

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