Religions and Their Famous Members Baptists

A list of famous Baptists including statesmen, writers, and actors.



1. Roger Williams, U.S. (British-born), 1603?-1683.

A disciple of British Baptist founder John Smith, Williams founded the first Baptist church and colony in Rhode Island.

2. Czar Alexander I, Russian, 1777-1825.

"Closet" Baptist, he founded the short-lived Biblical Society in Russia and sympathized with Baptists, Mennonites, and other evangelical groups.

3. David Lloyd George, Earl of Dwyfor, British, 1863-1945.

Statesman, radical politician, he was prime minister of Great Britain and advocated the disestablishment of the Church of England.

4. Hugo Black, U.S., 1886-1971.

Supreme Court justice.

5. Louis Armstrong, U.S., 1900-1971.

Trumpeter, vocalist, conductor.

6. Kathryn Kuhlman, U.S., 1910-1976.

Ordained minister and faith healer.

7. Mahalia Jackson, U.S., 1911-1972.

Gospel singer.

8. Hazel Brannon Smith, U.S., 1914-.

First woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing.

9. Lester Maddox, U.S., 1915-.

Politician and nightclub entertainer.

10. Ossie Davis, U.S., 1917-.

Actor, playwright, he taught Baptist Sunday school.

11. Billy Graham, U.S., 1918-.

Evangelist and conservative theologian.

12. Jimmy Carter, U.S., 1924-.

President of the U.S., he was preceded in office by two other Baptists, Warren G. Harding and Harry S Truman.

13. Martin Luther King, Jr., U.S., 1929-1968.

Minister and civil rights leader.

14. Fred Harris, U.S., 1930-.

U.S. senator, lawyer, Indian rights advocate, and historian.

15. Johnny Cash, U.S., 1932-.

Singer, musician, composer; Baptist hymns influenced his music, which he performs with the fervor of a revivalist preacher.

16. Maury Wills, U.S., 1932-.

Professional baseball player, son of a Baptist minister.

17. Bill Moyers, U.S., 1934-.

Former Baptist preacher and White House press secretary, he took over the publication of Long Island's Newsday.

18. Anita Bryant, U.S., 1940-.

Entertainer and politician.

19. Jesse Jackson, U.S., 1941-.

Minister and civil rights leader.

20. Nikki Giovanni, U.S., 1943-.


21. Joe Frazier, U.S., 1944-.

Heavyweight boxing champion and blues singer.

22. Diana Ross, U.S., 1944-.

Singer, actress, entertainer.

23. Rita Coolidge, U.S., 1945-.

Singer, daughter of a Baptist minister.

24. Vanya Moiseyev, Russian, 1952-1972.

Soldier, religious martyr. Soviet Baptists claim he was tortured and drowned by the Russian army. He is a cultural hero among the anti-Marxist underground in Eastern Europe.

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